How to Get Backed as a Pro Trader

T3 GUARDIAN is a real-time, simulated equities and options account. Prove your skills by winning in this environment, and you will be considered for full funding from T3 Trading Group, LLC.

(subject to compliance and regulatory approval, must be over 21 years of age and a US resident)


Tier 1Tier 1: Your Starting Ground

Buying Power (BP): $100,000
Per Position Max: $30,000
Maximum Loss Limit: $2,500

Achieve a $12,000 Net P&L for a full calendar month with a daily Sharpe Ratio of 2 or higher, and you move up to Tier 2:

Tier 2Tier 2: Next Level

Buying Power (BP): $250,000
Per Position Max: $75,000
Maximum Loss Limit: $6,250

Earn $25,000 in a full calendar month with a daily Sharpe Ratio of 2, and you go to Tier 3:

Tier 3Tier 3: Your Final Challenge

Buying Power (BP): $1,000,000
Per Position Max: $300,000
Maximum Loss Limit: $25,000

Complete your last mission with a P&L of $100,000 in a calendar month with a daily Sharpe Ratio of 2, and you will be evaluated for full funding from T3 Trading Group, LLC. (subject to compliance and regulatory approval, must be over 21 years of age and a US resident)


Buying Power

While buying power can take on a different meaning depending on the context or industry, in finance, buying power refers to the amount of money available for investors/traders to purchase securities in a leveraged account.

Definition of Net

Pnl after subtracting the number of shares traded multiplied by $0.005, Electronic Communication Network (ECN) charges and miscellaneous execution fees.

Definition of Sharpe

The Sharpe ratio is a measure of return often used to compare the performance of investment managers by making an adjustment for risk. For example, Investment Manager A generates a return of 15%, and Investment Manager B generates a return of 12%. It appears that manager A is a better performer. However, if manager A took larger risks than manager B, it may be that manager B has a better risk-adjusted return.

Why Choose T3 Guardian?

T3 Guardian is more than a trading simulator.

It’s a partnership. Our team has a vested interest in you becoming a highly profitable trader.

So we’ll be there with you every step of the way with education, market commentary, and customer support.

Since no capital contribution is required, this may be the best way to explore a prop trading career.

In fact, if you prove yourself in a simulated environment, we’ll back you with our own capital.

(subject to compliance and regulatory approval)

We even include the following T3 Live subscription services absolutely FREE:

Virtual Trading Floor® Trader Hub
($195/Month Value)

Join this interactive video, audio, and chat platform and get direct access to professional traders including Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler. See the trades he’s making as they happen, and learn why.

Redler All-Access
($129/Month Value)

Get Scott Redler’s Morning Note newsletter, private Twitter feed, plus videos. Spend just minutes reading Morning Note, and you’ll have a complete game plan for 25+ stocks and ETF’s each day.

This bonus package is valued at $324 per month

How to Get Started

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t serious about becoming a day trader and we take that as seriously as you do. We want you to succeed in becoming a fully seeded T3 trader so we are also including a full access pass to elite Options and Equities trader education and mentorship.

Professional Package

Become a Seeded Equities and Options Trader

T3 GUARDIAN is a real-time simulated Options and Equities trading account. Once you sign up and begin trading, our team will evaluate your success. Consistently achieve your goals and you’ll be eligible for a seeded trader account with T3.

(subject to compliance and regulatory approval, must be over 21 years of age and a US resident)


All content published and distributed by T3 GUARDIAN and its affiliates (T3) is to be treated as general information only. None of the information provided by T3 or contained here is intended (a) as investment advice, (b) as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell or (c) as a recommendation, endorsement or sponsorship of any security, company or fund.

Once you reach a predetermined monthly profit target while staying within the rules and guidelines outlined by T3 Trading Group, LLC., you will be offered a sponsorship with FINRA for the SIE and Series 57, with study materials (at no additional cost) and the opportunity to receive a backed prop account with T3 Trading Group, LLC.

**[IMPORTANT]: Please be advised that reaching the aforementioned monthly profit target grants you eligibility for the review process by T3 Trading Group, LLC but approval for a seeded account is NOT guaranteed. All T3 seeded accounts are subject to compliance and regulatory approval and all applicants must pass a background check. Please also note that ALL applicants MUST be at least 21 years of age and a resident of the United States to be eligible to open a prop account with T3 Trading Group, LLC.


T3 Trading Group, LLC is a Registered SEC Broker-Dealer & Member of FINRA SIPC. T3 Live, LLC and T3 Trading Group, LLC are separate, but affiliated companies through common ownership. T3 LIVE is NOT a Broker Dealer. T3 LIVE engages trader education and training. T3 LIVE offers a number of products and services, both electronically (over the internet through and in person.T3 LIVE products are for educational purposes only. This information neither is, nor should be construed, as an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy or sell securities. You shall be fully responsible for any investment decisions you make, and such decisions will be based solely on your evaluation of your financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

The T3 GUARDIAN Simulated Trading Program Experience

T3 GUARDIAN’S simulated trading program is designed to teach you how to profit and manage risk trading Options and Equities. Once you prove that you’re able to achieve these goals on an ongoing basis, T3 GUARDIAN will give you a seeded trading account.

Become A Successful Trader

Our process is designed to establish consistency and guide you towards a seeded Account.


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