Prove Yourself and Earn Our Capital

T3 GUARDIAN is a real-time, simulated Equities and Options account where your trading is evaluated by professional traders and risk managers at T3 Trading Group, LLC., for the opportunity to get seeded by T3 Trading.


01Prove Your Trading Skills

Show us that your strategy yields the highest rewards with the lowest risk, trading at the highest level.

02Prove Your Expertise

Be consistent. Prove that a seeded account is a worthy investment for T3.

03Prove You Can Profit

After consistently achieving these goals you are eligible to receive a seeded account at T3 Trading Group subject to regulatory and compliance approval.

The Tools You Need To Succeed

Why T3 GUARDIAN is the #1 Trader’s Choice

T3 GUARDIAN gives traders in our simulated trading program access to mentors, education, prop reports, risk management and other essential tools to be successful. Your success is our success.

How It Works

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t serious about becoming a day trader and we take that as seriously as you do. We want you to succeed in becoming a fully seeded T3 trader so we are also including a full access pass to elite Options and Equities trader education and mentorship.

Professional Package

  • Demonstrate that you have a winning strategy for the Options and Equities market.

Become a Seeded Equities and Options Trader

T3 GUARDIAN is a real-time simulated Options and Equities trading account. Once you sign up and begin trading, our experts will mentor and evaluate your success. Consistently achieve your goals and you’ll be eligible for a seeded trader account with T3.



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T3 Securities, Inc., a Member FINRA , SIPC, will provide brokerage services for retail customer accounts in the active trader space.

The T3 GUARDIAN Simulated Trading Program Experience

T3 GUARDIAN’S simulated trading program is designed to teach you how to profit and manage risk trading Options and Equities. Once you prove that you’re able to achieve these goals on an ongoing basis, T3 GUARDIAN will give you a seeded trading account.

Become A Successful Trader

Our process is designed to establish consistency and guide you towards a seeded Account.


Recommended Platforms

Proprietary Trading Tools

Proper training and trading education is vital to you becoming a successful trader. Whether you are a seasoned, active trading veteran or a novice, we can provide you with the tools needed to battle the markets. With a T3 GUARDIAN account you will receive free subscriptions to The Virtual Trading Floor and Scott Redler All Access, through T3 Live*, our subsidiary company.

Virtual Trading Floor

We’ve created an environment that encourages our traders to connect and communicate about the markets. Our VTF is an interactive video, audio, and chat platform that allows all of our remote and in-office traders to see what our top traders are buying and selling in real time. The VTF also grants access to our main floor, located in NYC, to interact with our senior trader for our morning meetings and post-market recap.

Scott Redler All Access

Get timely market analysis from T3 Live* Chief Strategic Officer, Scott Redler. You’ll receive Scott Redler’s Morning Note, Morning Call Video, and Premium Twitter commentary.

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