T3 GUARDIAN is a real-time, simulated Equities and Options account where your trading is evaluated by professional traders and risk managers at T3 Trading Group LLC., for the opportunity to get seeded by T3 Trading.

Our mission is to provide a secure simulated trading environment where aspiring Options and Equities traders can showcase their talent in the hopes of receiving a seeded account to fund their profitable trading strategies.

Once you reach a predetermined monthly profit target while staying within the rules and guidelines outlined by T3 Trading Group LLC., you be offered a sponsorship with FINRA for the SIE and Series 57, with study materials (at no additional cost) and will receive a seeded account with T3 Trading Group, LLC.

Why Choose T3 GUARDIAN

We launched T3 GUARDIAN to provide an opportunity for aspiring and skilled traders to get a seeded account with T3 Trading Group, LLC.

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