How do I get started?
First, click here to begin. Once you’ve registered with T3 GUARDIAN, sign up for a T3 GUARDIAN Simulator account here.

What is the Evaluation Process?
T3 Trading Group, LLC’s team of risk managers and traders will be evaluating T3 GUARDIAN traders, to provide insight and support. Ultimately, these teams will determine your eligibility for a funded account with T3 Trading Group, LLC.
We want each and every one of our simulated traders to succeed. We are here to help you achieve your/our goals.

Is there Education?
YES. Every T3 simulator account comes with a suite of education products, such as videos, newsletters and virtual trading scenarios, to name a few, valued at $345.

What if I Don’t Have Capital, am I still able to sign-up for a Simulator Account?
No capital. No problem.
T3 GUARDIAN is mutual risk, mutual reward program. We’re investing in you as much as you’re investing in

How does the billing work?
Once you sign up for an account, whatever credit card you use, is the card that we keep on file.
If you signed up on 10/1/19, every month going forward, you’ll be charged via the credit card you used to sign up with on the 17th of each month until you cancel your account.
When you renew your account each month, whatever funds are in your simulator account remain in your account, unless you cancel your account.

Can I Cancel my Account for a few Months and Restart Later?
Unfortunately not. Remember, our traders and risk managers at T3 Trading Group, LLC are evaluating your performance. Continuity is lost if you “cancel and restart.”
When you’re ready to sign-up again, you’ll have to start from the beginning. Make sure you’re ready to stick with it.

How do I update my Billing Information?
Please contact us at +1 (888) 998-3548.

How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your trader account, please call us at +1 (888) 998-3548.

We might ask you to provide some brief information about why you’re canceling. We’re always receptive to feedback.

Please note: Cancellation requests are processed Monday-Friday/EST during business hours only. We take cancellations seriously and want to make sure your request is tended to promptly.

What are the Trading Hours?
As a T3 GUARDIAN simulator trader, you must trade during normal US market hours. Weekends and holidays are excluded.

Is there an Age Requirement?
Yes. Simulator traders must be at least 21-years of age.

Can I Join if I Live Outside of the U.S.?
As of 1/1/20, all traders must reside in the United States. Please check back frequently, as we do intend to open the program up to other countries.

How Does T3 Trading Group, LLC Evaluate Me?
Our traders and risk managers look at your trades, consistency and profit and loss.

Will my Account be Canceled if I exceed your Loss Limits?
We won’t cancel your account. However, we will suspend your ability to trade for the remainder of the day.

Am I guaranteed to be approved for a seeded account?
All T3 seeded accounts are subject to compliance and regulatory approval and all applicants must pass a background check.